Friday, May 18, 2012

shape of real events either end of the summer

Now that drupa is over I think there is a sort of natural break till around September while it all sinks in to the collective mind. I still think drupa is the source of communications technology, even as a demo of web video. Cross Media Live looks interesting now. I am convinced that people in the print industry will take a good look. There is no Southprint. Sometime in the autumn there will be a Futures conference at the London College of Communication. These used to be linked to Digital Print world or a similar event. Not sure how the dates will fit but there won't be much of a gap. There may also be a face-to-face version of #mtw3. Currently there is a LinkedIn group and a blog. In the next few weeks there is likeminds in Exeter, a celebration of 30 years of MAMLL in Lancaster, and a review of the MoSO model. The MoSO meeting is not closed but assumes some prior knowledge. Some of the themes from these three events will continue in September. I think of #mtw3 as there all the time in background at least. A social media phase works well for me. I am posting here as Posterous seems to have slowed down at the moment. I use that more now as I put various topics in and it gradually becomes more coherent. This is still about learn and 9 , learning through a quality model. But the LCC is in there somewhere with an application mode.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Quality, Learning, OFSTED and Fear

I was very interested in this news item Previous posts have tried to connect theory about learning and quality. There is critique of quality systems as restrictive and derived from Fordism. There can also be concern that performance targets from HR detract from continuous improvement. The situation around OFSTED might allow for discussion that related both to learning and quality. by the way includes archive of old Observer writing ----------- This was also posted at but this is taking a while to appear. I am hoping to relate several issues together during today.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Thinking , Wikipedia seeks input

Alas, "original research" is not the sort of thing the Wikipedia welcomes. If there is some on the page for "Design Thinking" then please help to add some references. I found this looking for more on "Design Science" as in the bew book by Diana Laurillard. Google blogsearch ends up here on this occasion. By the way, getting an actual book may not be simple. The Queen is coming to Exeter this week to open the new architecture at the university. Main change of function is that there is no bookshop. So something considered on how to do teaching should be in stock somewhere. Sorry, I exaggerate a bit. Blackwells continues in a portacabin for a week or two. Then there will be some sort of assisted access to a screen for the website. And the other tech resources could be useful. I try to keep an open mind but still think a bookshop can be part of a mix.

Diana Laurillard in Singapore

This looks interesting There is a symposium coming up in Singapore about Adult Learning. Seems a good context for teaching as a design science. But I'm still not clear what is meant. This could be significant if applied to all forms of teaching. Trouble with reading blogs is that you often find you need to buy a book.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

London College of Communications

As drupa starts up I realise there may be a good case for the change of name. Communication is what the show is about. It is still the case that London College of Printing is well known. The London School of Economics has managed to persuade people that it covers other subjects as well. So there is still some debate but the LCC name is there at the moment. I am also thinking about the Management Theory at Work conference or online phase ( search on #mtw3 ) This may include a case study such as the Open University where surveys on student opinion are fairly positive and the resources relate well to technology trends. The LCC has had substantial cuts in funding. Creative skills for new media actually need a lot of equipment but as far as I can see there is no comparison with science budgets. There appears to be some issues, as indicated by blogs. There must be some presentations available on what the LCC is doing from a management perspective. But I find the blogs and gossip more readily. Maybe this will continue in background mode.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Peter Senge is still relevant for the Management Theory at Work conference I think. There are UK academics with a critique of his views, sometimes seen as too "vague". But this talk available on YouTube is interesting. It relates to sustainability and shows how this can be seen as specific to one company or to group interests.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Management Theory at Work 3 conference idea is beginning to work better. John Burgoyne has material for a current talk that I think can be traced back to his keynote at the first event. I have edited two YouTube clips from recent talks to the Suffolk University Campus and the Continuing Learning Group at Lancaster.

I have also set up a new Facebook group- #mtw3 - so that Scenechat can connect there. I think eventually Scenechat will work with LinkedIn but at the moment it is mostly for music and Facebook. YouTube as a home for academic conferences is so far a minority interest.

But now Gmail shows off everything you do the days of various identities on different channels may be coming to an end.

Monday, February 27, 2012

This is a recent clip on adverts and video from Adobe

Comments invited through SceneChat. There must be a way to avoid the ads from some events. Depends on the model. The demo of an edit from an iPad is convincing though. Together with the phones announced in Barcelona with improved video cameras this means that YouTube etc can get reasonable reporting on the same day things happen.

( I am still using a Kodak Zi8 and going home to a desktop with Premiere Elements so my own news can be a few days old)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am trying out SceneChat, a new approach to commenting in video. I think at the moment comments will go to Facebook but other sites may be added later. In Beta at the moment eventually there will be adverts linked to the discussion. Not sure if you can avoid them.

This video was found through discussion on Sustainability at the Networked Learning site

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