Saturday, December 01, 2007

MyNews India have published my story ahead of Online Information. I was invited to contribute following stories in OhmyNews. I tend to keep text in draft and am often not sure whether to send in something ahead of an event or to wait for more definite information. So I sent the slightly speculative version to MyNews India and probably the eventual version for OhmyNews will be much the same except for the direct quotes. But who can tell? And they may get some other stories from Olympia anyway. Do send them in and don't worry about a variet of points of view. The editors can cope.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

outline script bailrigg

This set of short YouTube videos shows the basis of a future video / chat show covering a conversation during a walk from Info21 to the Spicy Hut at Lancaster University. Further explanation later. Production standards to be improved if and when this can be explained to the resource controller.

Info 21 cafe, Lancaster University

Start of a journey to the Spicy Hut. Gather confidence in an IT project, supported through some vision of quality.

Route from Info 21, Lancaster University

Moves towards Alexander Square. Part of a journey to hold on to an IT vision.

Towards George Fox Building, Lancaster

Towards conference centre, and probably a critique of any project from many visiting directions.

Away from George Fox Building, Lancaster

Route returns towards Alexander Square. If it is not raining the tree could be a spot for some reflection.

Towards Management School, Lancaster

Further discussion may just make things more complicated. Look out for shape shifters.

Venue, towards Alexander Square. Lancaster

Another chance for reflection

Alexander Square, bookshop and library

Check out hard copy links

Leaving Alexander Square. Lancaster

From the newsagent in the opposite corner to the library. Another corridor, look out for sudden gusts of wind.

Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster

Could be a place to discuss language, or forms of realism.

Web and coffee at Institute for Advanced Studies

Almost like a proper cyber cafe. You may need a password. Wifi works ok at Info21.

Continuing Education

If there are still issues with the IT project, at least comparison with life long learning may reveal that someone is already doing something similar at home.

Towards the Spicy Hut, Lancaster

Shows the final corner. Can you still meet someone else and explain what the project is about? Don't worry about the food.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

OhmyNews has now published my story on the ISO survey. They dropped the words "Quality Management" from the headline but otherwise most of what i sent in has been accepted.

China Leads Continued Growth in ISO 9000
New developments in information security

Possibly last year's version was not as likely to be published as it was less definite.

Continued growth in China use of ISO 9000
Mixed sector pattern in USA and UK

I hope to find response and comment on this story and the survey. I think it is a significant stage when ISO 9000 has momentum outside the UK and the history of BS5750.

Monday, November 26, 2007

ISO publishes survey for 2006.

I have tried to do a story on this for OhmyNews. I am not sure who reads OhmyNews. It could be anyone in English speaking countries but I think it is people near Korea who want to expand on use of English. So the China and Japan aspects of the recent survey could be interesting for them.

I tried before with a story about the 2005 survey. The editors found it too hard to follow for a general audience and I could not work out how to explain it better. For the 2006 survey I have tried to stick more to hard facts and leave the opinions and speculation for later.

There could be several stories from different points of view. In the UK ISO9000 is clearly in decline and there are people who claim this is a good thing. But on a global basis it is still growing and the sector specific standards have a base in at least one major country. To establish how the basic management approach supports learning only requires a few case studies that can be followed.

More later when I hear from the editors. The survey free version itself is a PDF.