Saturday, April 28, 2012

London College of Communications

As drupa starts up I realise there may be a good case for the change of name. Communication is what the show is about. It is still the case that London College of Printing is well known. The London School of Economics has managed to persuade people that it covers other subjects as well. So there is still some debate but the LCC name is there at the moment. I am also thinking about the Management Theory at Work conference or online phase ( search on #mtw3 ) This may include a case study such as the Open University where surveys on student opinion are fairly positive and the resources relate well to technology trends. The LCC has had substantial cuts in funding. Creative skills for new media actually need a lot of equipment but as far as I can see there is no comparison with science budgets. There appears to be some issues, as indicated by blogs. There must be some presentations available on what the LCC is doing from a management perspective. But I find the blogs and gossip more readily. Maybe this will continue in background mode.

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