Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Copied from my post at Guardian talk in case you missed it

At BETT I discovered there is quite a lot going on about quality and e-learning. The energy seems to come from the EU. See other topics on new new new universities (Communication? what's that about?) and business (UK quality? just forget about it)

European projects on quality and e-learning

European Quality Observatory




My impression is that "quality" is seen in the UK as an imposition rather than something to work with. However 'world-class' and 'quality' may be linked.


There is a conference in April where there will be a presentation on EQUEL

It will be interesting to see how 'critique' fits into this. Previously some academics have been very negartive about 'quality'.

I have started to get involved in the Guardian talk pages. This started with their PDF beta that seemed to be possible long before they actually announced it. It seems to me that their coverage of the press fails to consider the impact of the web. Roy Greenslade seldom mentions the growth of websites as an explanation for falling broadsheet circulations.

Anyway it seems you can write what you like on the Guardian talk. The 'digital Guardian' site will be public sometime this year with PDF as an option.

I have also posted on 'world-class universities', 'new, new new universities' and 'bluffing your way for a part-time ICT job'. Recently I discovered how to link between topics but it seems to work only sometimes.

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