Saturday, January 27, 2007

I have had a mailing shot about a conference in Dublin in March, Computer Assisted Learning.

It seems to be about why technology has not been disruptive so far in education.

There is mention of 'informal learning' but it may be mostly about educational structures.

My guess is that if you include all forms of learning there has already been more disruption than is realised in academic research.

I had a look at Computers&Education in St Luke's library. Print journals make a break from the screen. There is an interesting article on 'Rethinking scaffolding in the information age'. More on this later.

The article was recieved 27 May 2004 and accepted on 24 Jan 2005. Claimed publication date April 2007 so not sure when it was actually available.

I wonder if Elsevier are aware of any 'disruption'.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I have done a draft story about Learning Technologies for OhmyNews

Not sure I have been clear enough about my intention. If there is not some comment about quality from a credible source I might not make it up exactly, but add a comment of my own. I think there is some basis to suggest the Learning Technologies show is moving towards quality but it may need some probing.

Please add comments here or get in touch if you would like to edit the text. It may end up in OhmyNews.