Friday, May 18, 2012

shape of real events either end of the summer

Now that drupa is over I think there is a sort of natural break till around September while it all sinks in to the collective mind. I still think drupa is the source of communications technology, even as a demo of web video. Cross Media Live looks interesting now. I am convinced that people in the print industry will take a good look. There is no Southprint. Sometime in the autumn there will be a Futures conference at the London College of Communication. These used to be linked to Digital Print world or a similar event. Not sure how the dates will fit but there won't be much of a gap. There may also be a face-to-face version of #mtw3. Currently there is a LinkedIn group and a blog. In the next few weeks there is likeminds in Exeter, a celebration of 30 years of MAMLL in Lancaster, and a review of the MoSO model. The MoSO meeting is not closed but assumes some prior knowledge. Some of the themes from these three events will continue in September. I think of #mtw3 as there all the time in background at least. A social media phase works well for me. I am posting here as Posterous seems to have slowed down at the moment. I use that more now as I put various topics in and it gradually becomes more coherent. This is still about learn and 9 , learning through a quality model. But the LCC is in there somewhere with an application mode.

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