Monday, May 14, 2012

Quality, Learning, OFSTED and Fear

I was very interested in this news item Previous posts have tried to connect theory about learning and quality. There is critique of quality systems as restrictive and derived from Fordism. There can also be concern that performance targets from HR detract from continuous improvement. The situation around OFSTED might allow for discussion that related both to learning and quality. by the way includes archive of old Observer writing ----------- This was also posted at but this is taking a while to appear. I am hoping to relate several issues together during today.

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The Process Coach said...

Quality for me is about meeting or exceeding the needs of the consumer or user now and in the future.

Ford called it accuracy and to my mind can be more accurately protraed as relating to quality than Taylor who was not talking about about quality but output. However, quality as a concept and field of knowledge predates and over took both Ford and Taylor, particularly with the work of Walter Shewhart.

Gove, et al, hold erroneous eliefs about the state education system based upon typical uncritical human bias. That is, people seeing what they want to see.

A further complication is the destruction of natural human thrist for learning that everyone is born with. The education system encourages conformity not cutiosity, which I believe to be a massive problem.