Sunday, February 08, 2004

I am gradually finding more material from EQUEL and other projects looking at quality and e-learning. There is definitely a positive attitude here. The assumption seems to be that it is possible and valid to develop forms of e-learning in higher education.

I still think the work done on 'learning organisations' is relevant. This was during the '90s and seemed to come to an end in the UK. The practical side is difficult but the idea is still worth looking at. I find much work on e-learning has a scope for a particular project without looking at the organisation as a whole.

The 'learning organisation' stream seemed to come to an end during the first 'Management Theory in Practice' conference in Lancaster. 'Critique' was avery strong theme, especially with respect to 'quality'. I'm not sure if this is still widely supported. Some aspects of 'quality' are likley to come up as part of the discussion on e-learning.