Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm still thinking about the workshop on eduacation and the "knowledge economy". More later.

It is in quote marks as this is how the academics seem to think about it. I am trying to find out more about a "linguistic turn" and a "realistic turn". Can't make it out at the moment.
Mr Gillmor said that the rise of participation from ordinary people means that traditional media must stop lecturing and begin a real dialogue with its readership.

"There is the absolute democratisation of the media with the [ability of] anyone who has access to increasingly professional and cheap tools of production to publish to a global audience," he said.

"It has a big meaning for traditional journalists ... who have to shift from lecture mode into something more like a conversation. The 'former audience' know more than we do and once we embrace that, we can get in to some powerful journalism."

Extract from Guardian report on discussion at Al Jazeera forum

The same sort of change is happening with teaching and learning, so this will relate to actual lecturers as well.
The Guardian is soon to feature an online opinion discussion called 'comment is free'. Not sure when it will launch.

They recently hosted a discussion about 'citizen journalism'. I'm not sure they understand how far it could go. They mention the NUJ guidelines on "witness reporting" as if occasional photos are all this is about.

I have been posting to Guardain Talk about OhmyNews and also stories on AL-Jazeera. I think soon there will be a bit more clarity on how different forms of media can work together.

Meanwhile I will probably do more blogging and less on Talk.