Friday, September 25, 2009

The public listing looks a lot better now. I had got confused between online and desktop. moving between folders seems easier on desktop.

So the URL is

Future paper to combine my previous ones and other finds.
Testing out Mendeley. I have found that logging on takes me to the recent papers that other people look at.

Reasonable overlap with my interests in learning / quality. Also leads to some content, enough to think about.

Nonaka paper is linked to a file on Drive D wherever that is. Book widely available though I can't get past the section on western knowledge. Eisenhardt no link but presumably connects with paractice. "Organizational learning" from Jstor has a first page online and it seems Exeter College is connected to Jstor so I will check this out. may need to sign on for a course. Exeter UK that is. Knowledge of the Firm has a fair bit of text. Could be economics I think. Theory of the firm as I remember. Deming book is called the New Economics but this is rarely explained.

So far this is working well. From a science base to management science there is plenty of scope to relate to learning. I have added these papers to my own library but am not sure how to put them in the learn9 list.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OhmyNews has my unedited story on Mendeley. Something else may work just as well but the trend is there for references and some content to be shared online in a similar way to what is happening with music.

Assuming Mendeley continues to do well there could be interesting discussion at Online Information in December. I will try for another story in November. Academics will have to think about something that effects them so directly. Previously from journal articles there appears not to be so much disruption.

focus on the absence of demonstrable disruptive effects tends to obscure the fact that more or less unobtrusive changes occurring over time do add up to an effect that eventually may well lead beyond simple augmentation of conventional practices.

However there was atwo year gap between the conference and the publication.