Thursday, December 15, 2005

I have put a link on the Prolearn Forum site to let them know about the article on OhmyNews.

Not sure if they will follow it up but the Approach to knowledge push and pull is useful. There is a part of the Prolearn project to add metadata to learning objects so they can be sequenced. Maybe this won't matter if people work out a sequence for themselves.

I think learning theory is just one aspect of something that happens on the web anyway. Everything is miscellaneous, as in most assumed subjects.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I have updated the webpage for Animex, a digital fringe for Animated Exeter

There is a page on 'learning' to cover training and education. There is a careers day and also workshops on Photoshop and Flash. This year the Careers Day will be at the Phoenix where there is also now some web access. So a lot could happen around this. I got some CDs off both Adobe and Macromedia in previous years so people goy trial versions. Still not sure what will happen with Adobe / Macromedia but this can be discussed during the festival.

I think I may be going backwards towards hard copy. While Flash in PDF is sorted out we may as well knock page layout on the head. the software is pretty much there surely.

This 'learning' blog may end up much like the other blog on IPEX 2002 , a print show. If 'everything is miscellaneous' as David Weinberger has stated, then these blogs could be better linked.
OhmyNews have now published the HighWire story. they also put links to some of my previous writing, going back to the original one on the Guardian. I think the Highwire story marks a new stage. The web based knowledge has some plausibility, or at least a theory. I will continue writing up reports as journalism. Maybe later come back to academic forms of writing but I don't think the UK scene on 'management learning' welcomes stuff that is too practical.