Friday, October 16, 2009

I think the Experimentality year is launched about now but nothing yet on Twitter for #experimentality . Maybe there is another tag.

Google blogsearch finds my own querying and a blog from Sweden -
Pernilla Severson's Blog (Just another weblog)

I have tried a rough Google translation of another post

Now we have concerns about moving pictures in digital media
August 21, 2009 by pernillaseverson

Moving image and digital media = true in Malmo and the surrounding area. Media Meeting Malmö has long stimulated the development. Moving Media Southern Sweden is a powerful weapon in the cluster shape and Moving Media City is a future center for media development.

In the middle of all this was created MEDEA

with a base at Malmo University, targeting new media and co-production - and - user-driven innovation.

I will be over two and a half years grub around in this context by exploring the knowledge of university-industry relations. A highly interesting question to trim about what happens when the manufacture innovation meets user innovation in the Moving Image in Digital Media


How do the various actors in the user-driven innovation? Crash or synergy? If users can develop a better product than the corporate product developer, where do we do? And what do the academics in the game for? Users can operate without the relationship with one than others? And how do we view the phenomenon as the weekend's Canada Social Web Camp?

This is the interaction that I will not just ask or read about, but also staging and testing. See you.

If this is so #experimentality should find something else soon.
I have done a Scribd version of the reference list on Mendeley

learn9 references from Mendeley October 2009

Not sure who is using Scribd. The Mendeley audience has more academics I guess. But the Scribd approach has more access to PDF.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting more involved in Cloudworks

more on this later. The video explains what a cloud is so I am thinking more about the Deming cycle as something to offer.