Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Thinking , Wikipedia seeks input

Alas, "original research" is not the sort of thing the Wikipedia welcomes. If there is some on the page for "Design Thinking" then please help to add some references. I found this looking for more on "Design Science" as in the bew book by Diana Laurillard. Google blogsearch ends up here on this occasion. By the way, getting an actual book may not be simple. The Queen is coming to Exeter this week to open the new architecture at the university. Main change of function is that there is no bookshop. So something considered on how to do teaching should be in stock somewhere. Sorry, I exaggerate a bit. Blackwells continues in a portacabin for a week or two. Then there will be some sort of assisted access to a screen for the website. And the other tech resources could be useful. I try to keep an open mind but still think a bookshop can be part of a mix.

Diana Laurillard in Singapore

This looks interesting There is a symposium coming up in Singapore about Adult Learning. Seems a good context for teaching as a design science. But I'm still not clear what is meant. This could be significant if applied to all forms of teaching. Trouble with reading blogs is that you often find you need to buy a book.