Thursday, December 03, 2015

Actor Network Theory - Networked Learning hotseat has started actually

Another note post, this time about the hotseats ahead of Networked Learning, a conference next year.

Thing is it seems to have already started, although 6th Dec is advertised. That is I have found some opening topics and links.

There is a Facebook group already ( the hotseat is free and open once you register but will probably be dormant after the week starting the 6th, not sure.

Also suggestions for Youtube if you have a few minutes or some pages of text if you have a bit longer, PDF file, about twenty pages.

Couple of things to expand on later. Apparently the tech gadgets are also actors. There seem to be a lot more of them.

When do the people in schools become actors? At 5 they mostly do what they are told but when do they decide on what and how to study?

More later, now to watch the suggested video

Critique and Leadership

This blog is revived after quite a while. I have recently been posting on Linkedin Pulse so will connect with this sometimes but I find it hard to continue the blog format as a sort of opinion or reporting format. Pulse posts seem to be more or less as in a magazine. This blog can be shorter and more like a note or a temp piece that might be expanded later.

Quite soon there will be a conference in Lancaster on "new directions in Leadership" including a turn towards critique. I have done some previous comment including tweets but here is a summary.

If there is "critique" should it be easy and cheap to find it? So far there is not much social media around the event. @lancsleadership has yet to tweet. I have found a book through tweet search but it is over $100 even on eBay.

One positive thing is that by adding a video to a YouTube playlist I have found more interest in CMS. More on this later when looking at social media for the whole event. So far it still seems a bit obscure.

Going back in time the project of looking at learning and quality had a major problem as I found it. Hugh Wilmott has such a total critique of quality ideas that they are rarely considered, actually make that almost never. At least so far.

So I wonder whether quality issues fit in with leadership at all round about now.