Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Checking Steve Wheeler blog again, found this in response to another comment
I make a subtle distinction between anywhere and anyplace, Jose. My take on this is that anywhere litterally means any geographical location, whereas anyplace means any situated presence. One is measured in miles or kilometres, the other in psychological space - the learning space or coceptual (thinking) space one finds oneself in. Probably deeply philosophical, but it shows me that anywhere is not necessarily always the best time to learn. One must also find the best 'place' - the most opportune and comfortable situation within which to learn.

This sounds fair enough. So maybe we need A4 learning. I think a choice of devices is important. The styles of writing and presentation can be assumed as part of this.
A3 learning could be an academic aspect to work with around social media. I still think something is missing from the #likeminds approach. Through Twitter I found the Steve Wheeler blog again a couple of days ago. Probably through cloudworks at some point but i can no longer find the tweet. Steve writes about a "moving experience", remembered as if a Martini slogan -'anytime, anyplace, anywhere, there's a wonderful world you can share'. Thing is that anywhere and any place are more or less the same. To arrive at A3 we may need "any device" ( part of a sometime Adobe slogan I think )but the idea may be much the same.

The trouble is that time and space shift quite rapidly once the web is engaged. It is not just a resource arriving into your current situation. Steve links his own previous paper on a "martini model" from a decade previously in Berlin and a story about Dan Caldeway in a PDF. This is a journal extract but confesses to be partly fiction.

"Any device" could mean in any style or length. A tweet or a paper, video clip perhaps or reconstruction. The availability of learning resources is an aspect of social communication. More links will turn up to established sources.

I try to find the core process or script in a situation. The rest of it can vary and it is easy to get lost. On Facebook for example people in Exeter have to accept that we live in Plymouth.