Saturday, December 08, 2007

At the Online Information show I was looking for a chance to photograph the book - Everything is Miscellaneous. The FT must have had one stand too many as this one was unattended.

More photos at Flickr

Thursday, December 06, 2007

There is a post about e-books on the InfoToday blog

I think e-books or access to content online has indeed made it for academics and related readers. More on this later.
I still can't find any London paper based reviews for 'Everything Is Miscellaneous' by David Weinberger. I realise I am repeating myself but I hope to raise this with the publishing panel around lunchtime. I asked the question on the Guardian Books Talk and the explanation so far is that London reviewers don't recognise hardbacks published in New York.

I think they should have a case by case sort of approach. This book in an earlier version was a keynote for this event. Now not much sign of interest in the book. Still on Amazon UK and video of similar content is on Youtube.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

There is one photo so far on Flickr tagged onlineinfo2007.

Mine is not turning up. Not sure why.
There is web access in the press office. They have let me in as a blogger. Things are looking up.

Yesterday one of the free seminars close to the exhibition was about how to source business information from BRIC, Brazil India Russia China or emerging markets in general. It was seen as a problem that so much information is not originally in English.

As I understand it, the Wikipedia policy at the moment is to address the problem that not enough languages other than English are well represented. But here on the locally/globally blog it turns out that some people seek out English anyway.

There could still be symbiosis between various forms of structure and approach. The word "symbiosis" keeps turning up. No news yet on the voting for Japanese buzzwords.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More Googling on "Jimmy Wales Wikipedia" finds this in the jamendo blog-

Breaking news: Wikipedia announces Creative Commons compatibility!

Sylvain (Jamendo’s CTO) just got back from a Wikipedia/iCommons party in San Francisco where he taped a very exciting announcement from Jimmy Wales : Creative Commons, Wikimedia and the Free Software Foundation just agreed to make the current Wikipedia license (the GFDL) compatible with Creative Commons (CC BY-SA). As Jimbo puts it, “This is the party to celebrate the liberation of Wikipedia”.

There is some info from the Online Information conference keynote in the IWR blog.

The InfoToday blog will have more on this later.
Well the bad news is that Easy web access on Kensington High Street is about to become Easy something else. So I have gone back to Earl's Court where I know the deal is good. One Great British Pound then stay as long as you like. No return number though.

Link to Internet Lounge

There is a rumor that either Olympia or Earl's Court is about to become a giant Pizza Express with flats on the top. My vote would be to keep Earl's Court. It seems more like a high street.

Not much yet on Google searching with onlineinfo2007 . Karen Blakeman has a blog but only one post so far.