Friday, June 01, 2007

Serge Ravet has posted a Google Doc including the original formatting. This is fantastic as it would have taken ages to guess.

I have highlighted the bits that jump out. There will be more on the website later.

This is a Green Paper about eQuality. There was an awards event in Paris in January and this paper was written later. So the meaning of the word is still for discussion. Any scope that includes learning, quality and technology is helpful for me.
Checking out the links on the website I find that the various European quality research projects seem to have combined to support a Quality Foundation. Here there is a wiki with several texts.

My impression is that the discussion has gone a long way in combining ideas about learning and quality. I am trying to reformat this text to get a better idea of it. It is very encouraging so far and may be a base on which to reorganise other material.
The book "Everything is Miscellaneous" has been published.

There are extracts and versions and reviews have started. See the blog for links.

there is also a video on Google

I will come back to this later.

What interests me is the possibility of breaking down the gap between learning and quality as academic subjects. On the web my impression is that many people search on either word and maybe both. But academics in the UK at least who are researching learning tend not to be interested in quality except to critique it.