Friday, March 05, 2010

test of video

not the best production values, but part of a test phase in expanding Deming ideas online

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I think I will contribute something to the Experimentality conference about the Plan-Do-Study/Check- Act loop. There is some interest but it could be in a session with other speakers. My suggestion is to link to views on the "dark side" of Mode Two knowledge and also look at elearning as an example of how quality ideas are applied. I would hope to argue that there is a bright side to Mode Two and that quality is worth a look anyway. However there are some claims around social media at the moment that seem a bit vague and overextended. Also the advertising industry is deeply involved. There is a case for forms of critique as part of the mix.

Here in Exeter last week we had a visit from #likeminds. Still trying to work out how Exeter continues as normal life.

Meanwhile on Twitter today I found a link through Timbuckteeth for a quick guide to social learning in organisations. Four minutes on YouTube. Not sure if this counts as an academic reference. The #likeminds event was not connected to Exeter University as far as I could tell. Perhaps "informal learning" could be a linking topic.