Saturday, November 21, 2009

More later on recording music, jazz as experiment. Examples during Experimentality included Miles Davis My Funny Valentine. Not sure what to make of it but kept thinking of this-

Still thinking about the Experimentality events. Not sure how to relate this to plan-do-etc. There was reference to the "dark side of mode 2" so this is something to work with. Have found this link to a Gryzedale blog. Apparently the forest is quite hard to find so online may work better.

Tipping a wink and a nod to Derrida's book 'Spectres of Marx' (in my hazy left-wing mind his finest work), Mr Gere asserts that Big JR haunts us still, like a spectre of the undead, reminding us that ethics is at the heart of any re-assessment of what art actually is and can do.

Posted by John Byrne on 09/11/09 at 06:25

One interesting aspect is the evidence that video interview is possible in apparently normalspace for academics. Not sure if there was special lighting. I did a lot of videoduring the two days somore on this later.