Friday, September 04, 2009

Here is a current flier for the MA course at Lancaster on Management Learning and Leadership

MA Management Learning and Leadership leaflet

One interesting thing is that Network Learning can include Online Communication. Previously i thought Network Learning was mostly about Online Communication but maybe "blended learning" ideas are now associated with more emphasis on other forms of network.

Next course starts in October.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Twitter still seems the way to go. will789gb by the way. The main site has been dormant for a while as i have done more blogging, got lost on Facebook etc. But the summer drift is fading away and a redesign is in order. The site changes through the Swicki in response to searches, at least the size of the words can alter over time. Recent screen shot-

This blog is still about quality but clearly ISO 27000 is a topic of interest. "Enterprise Social Software" may sound more legitimate than checking out Twitter. "Learning Organisations" still in there, quite strong if you include both spellings.

No response I can find from Lancaster Management of marketing theory or moving beyond brochureware. Maybe there are limits to Twitter. Some questions cannot be asked, but if stored away somewhere the next development may connect. My current question would be how the critique thread links in with social software. I cannot find much about this from recently. The research end of the universities has a concern with dialogue and there was a sort of design aim for where online learning could go. But the current activity online is not connected somehow. Maybe i am just missing it. I will keep checking Twitter to see what turns up.

Already I notice that trade shows have a Twitter presence so the actual dates cease to matter so much. Total Print Expo has been canceled anyway but there is a point in time mid October when I think some damage checks should happen. The Frankfurt Book Fair is about the same time and the e-book technology is relevant for print and learning. In Lancaster there is a project around experiments about to start. I hope to do something around check/study as a phase in plan - do - something - act. It may be a translation problem. In Japan, check may include study. In Exeter there are classes in conversation so I may find out more before next July. The Deming group of the CQI continues with a project on a model of sustainability. Another meeting next week. There is still a view that content has to be solid before publication. Just putting up something and waiting for suggestions is not the current style. My efforts to combine bits of blog through Twitter messages may or may not be convincing.

Some Twitter checks. BETT2010 not posting too often. Links to stuff from last year. @atwossybookclub invited to a new Graphic Novel pavilion. Sounds interesting. This feed will continue through Frankfurt presumably. Tools of Change have a Facebook page for fans. Online Information / IMS has links to downloads from previously.

Meanwhile the Critical Management website seems to be mostly about real time events. I cannot find much content or discussion online. The MEHEM event is invitation only, can't find any published stuff so far. Yes there is pressure on universities around issues of relevance. Is this really so surprising? Online Information is just a trade show but similar issues may come up. The content in journals has got less easy to access not more connected as it moves away from paper to password protected academic sites. So the discussion around learning organisations or whatever you want to call it is getting more divided into academic disciplines and what most practitioners access. Just my take, comment welcome.

The Networked Learning conference has a Facebook aspect but just to make it easier to log in. Real event in May but maybe more will happen in the meantime.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trying out Twitter as will789gb . Mostly using too many words. Lancaster Management is there but it mostly seems like a corporate announcement style. Couple of years ago I wanted to make my own video of a day of lead/learning. this was not allowed but there was an official video, some nor on YouTube that again seems to me to be much like a brochure. Interactivity and dialogue, that sort of thing. Can it be found through Twitter?