Thursday, December 03, 2015

Critique and Leadership

This blog is revived after quite a while. I have recently been posting on Linkedin Pulse so will connect with this sometimes but I find it hard to continue the blog format as a sort of opinion or reporting format. Pulse posts seem to be more or less as in a magazine. This blog can be shorter and more like a note or a temp piece that might be expanded later.

Quite soon there will be a conference in Lancaster on "new directions in Leadership" including a turn towards critique. I have done some previous comment including tweets but here is a summary.

If there is "critique" should it be easy and cheap to find it? So far there is not much social media around the event. @lancsleadership has yet to tweet. I have found a book through tweet search but it is over $100 even on eBay.

One positive thing is that by adding a video to a YouTube playlist I have found more interest in CMS. More on this later when looking at social media for the whole event. So far it still seems a bit obscure.

Going back in time the project of looking at learning and quality had a major problem as I found it. Hugh Wilmott has such a total critique of quality ideas that they are rarely considered, actually make that almost never. At least so far.

So I wonder whether quality issues fit in with leadership at all round about now.

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