Thursday, December 03, 2015

Actor Network Theory - Networked Learning hotseat has started actually

Another note post, this time about the hotseats ahead of Networked Learning, a conference next year.

Thing is it seems to have already started, although 6th Dec is advertised. That is I have found some opening topics and links.

There is a Facebook group already ( the hotseat is free and open once you register but will probably be dormant after the week starting the 6th, not sure.

Also suggestions for Youtube if you have a few minutes or some pages of text if you have a bit longer, PDF file, about twenty pages.

Couple of things to expand on later. Apparently the tech gadgets are also actors. There seem to be a lot more of them.

When do the people in schools become actors? At 5 they mostly do what they are told but when do they decide on what and how to study?

More later, now to watch the suggested video

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