Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thinking about #likeminds in Exeter. The circus has left town. Not sure where it is. Easter in Lancaster so I plan to stay for a while and check out the campus. I have looked at location services and cannot make much sense of them. It could work better if each location had some significance. Previously i thought about a walk towards the Learning Zone but so far on Gowalla I can only find a web company in the InfoLab, the Management School and Pizza Republic. These are each at one end so could do as a start. Assume MJR Web is more or less the cafe. Broadly positive about social media with some sort of quality idea as well. Moving to the Management School cafe for critique. Ending up in Pizza Republic for reflection and connection with civic society. (This may get more complicated by the time of the Experimentality conference with more locations)

I will bring a video camera but batteries are always low so mains electricity is a factor. Chat show mode assumed for the moment.

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