Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still thinking about the Experimentality paper about Check / Study. I would like to concentrate on why both words are used and what they mean in Japan and USA. But I am not sure about the context. So far there is not much around management turning up on the Experimentality stream. Also my blog / citizen journalism / web video approach is going in another direction to the structured paper. So I think I will go more into blog mode and come back to a paper nearer the time.

There are three groups of words, three sections, each could have a #tag. #dsm2 for dark side of mode 2. In other words why don't academics have much concern for quality theory? Clearly this is a generalisation. Cloudworks from the OU has quality in the scope and is engaged in practice. But my guess at the moment is that this is rare in the UK.

#checkstudy could work PDCA or PDSA. Try it anyway. My claim is to be mostly on topic. There is something about experimentality at the core of ISO management standards.

Social media or social communication are still on track to remain topical through 2010. Various # apply. Online Information Looking at relation to quality theory offers some interesting case studies. Document control?

Which bit to start with for a paper depends on the rest of the conference but meanwhile online, any connections can be explored.

Over the next few months I intend to do several stories about print around IPEX and the London Book Fair. I need to speculate about Online Information in December to make sense of this. So a similar approach to Experimentality could take in other events that have not yet happened. Then revise it during the rest of the year. There is a new network called Stringbag that appears to continue research on learning organisations. I got lost on how this discussion related to network learning. It seemed to be a bit disjointed from practice. So the Network Learning conference will be interesting and more will emerge from Stringbag over time. It starts in April with a real space conference for subscribers, the freebie online version follows later.

Web Science may be a new subject but not well known yet. I think it includes emerging properties or unintended consequences. So although the web seems to be doing ok anyway, further study may result in better understanding. There is a conference in April but I will probably better understand the version at Olympia in December. Maybe David Weinberger again as a speaker would clarify the science.

Usually I find that Online Information clashed with the Deming SIG of theCQI. Maybe this year it won't matter. Perhaps the e-book and social media will have moved up the agenda to Tuesday or Wednesday. Or there could be a half day meeting followed by a 9 or 10 bus.

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