Wednesday, August 05, 2009

This text is from a couple of days ago as drafted on a piece of paper. I am still in part holiday mode till Sidmouth Folk Week is over, well maybe for much of August. I don't really have mobile computing, still rely on a desktop such as now.

This draft is to explain a line of questioning for video around learning technology starting with Lancaster campus as a set. Clips for context now include the Sony Reader in the Waterstones on Alexanderplatz. the Learning Zone is under construction, a resource for web connections.

There was work on the idea of Learning Organisations but also critique of some aspects and related quality ideas. Networked Learning described technology applied in organisations. Similar issues were discussed around Networked Learning as around Learning Organisations.

Recently social networking online has demonstrated possibilities. Possibly some of the aims discussed for Learning Organisations are now easier to realise. Policy discussion for Further Education now often considers what students already expect from web design.

What is now possible? Could it meet some of the requirements identified in previous critiques?

A couple of sites could illustrate the issues. Critical Management includes content on Web 2.0 but could have more involvement online. Is it just about announcements for realtime conferences? Networked Learning conference has a Facebook aspect that seems currently to be about ease of logging in. What other connections are possible?

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