Wednesday, August 05, 2009

BBC Today on Radio 4 Monday had a short piece about UK universities and concern from MPs about standards. Scroll to about ten to eight.

Dr Wendy Platt starts by reference to the Quality Assurance Agency. So possibly quality theory is of more interest for Russell Group universities than I have found previously. Then she suggests the record of graduates from "the top twenty" unis in finding jobs is evidence of something. I find it rather disturbing that she seems to suggest this could include the dodgy value of attending any other UK university. My guess is that creative industries, tech stuff around the web, engineering base for quality, several other things practical or vocational would be quite likely to be studied somewhere else than the "top 20". Worth checking out some time. The Today approach seemed to be not to question this idea of the "top 20". What was the RAE about if there is just a static ceiling?

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