Sunday, July 06, 2008

I have done an A4 sheet for the safety conference. It will do as a handout for people who don't make the actual occasion. Now loaded to Scribd.

Also I have updated the film script on the "Centre for Performativity Studies".

The film is set during a conference introducing the Centre for Performativity Studies. In the opening scene the police turn up suddenly and the organisers are arrested. It turns out that all the credit cards used to book for the event have had unauthorised charges and £137,000 has gone through an identified account, in the name of one of the organisers. A claim about "identity theft" through a wifi network is made but there is disputed evidence. Apparently there was a lunch visit to Info 21 though regulations prohibited work on accounts information outside the office. The police are reluctant to accept that the crime could only have involved outsiders as the description of security policy is unlike what they would expect.

Sergeant "From what we are told, there just is no system at all"
Inspector "Still could be true though"

On day three the Alumni Association send a rep who has found a source to repay the £137,000 and the police announce that there would be no benefit from further enquiries. An official claims that nothing like this will ever happen again but the audience is left to wonder.

This is in a Google doc. Let me know if you would like to edit. The aim is to try to get attention for something as well as language.

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