Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am still using the words "hype" and "counter-hype" but hope to understand "discourse" better before too long. The publicity around the Byron Review in March this year seemed to me to be largely aimed at people who were already disturbed by the apparent dangers of the Web, in particular social networking. One aspect was the scale of the use by young people, almost everyone as it appears. Part of the threat is that parents do not understand the technology being used. Perhaps this was a final round of concern before the Web is accepted as normal. With VHS it took a BBC Shakespeare collection to finalise things. Maybe the next BETT will be a suitable occasion. The Byron Review includes a lot of balanced material on the educational potential of social networks. This was mostly ignored by newspapers at the time of publication.

Doing a Google News search I find there was an Action Plan published recently but I don't remember any publicity for this in June. The only newspaper link I can find is to a Guardian games blog. I guess this means the stream of panic is coming to an end.

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