Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here are some diagrams on PDSA etc. I am contributing to a topic on the CQI website forum. In the Deming SIG section though there may be messages in other places later. Not sure how to cope with images at the moment so am putting them here. What interests me is how the PDSA has changed with more emphasis on the Act, consideration of aims. More on this later.

From Shewart- Statistical Method 1939. Dover 1986

From Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty
MIT - Deborah G. Ancona

From slides explaining ISO 27000. Here I think Check instead of Study is just the first problem. Unless Act is at the top it may not be easy for management to follow.

The ISO 27000 standard is very well written around PDSA. I have started to study it. There is a related list of controls as a check list but the standard for certification audit is just about the management process as far as I can tell. It is much clearer than ISO 9000 in this respect as there is too much old code that needs a rewrite (joke).

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