Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I have started to travel more as the climate improves. Slightly warmer in May is not too worrying. I have been to Lancaster recently for a meeting about the MA in Management Learning. More on this later. I will be there again in July for the conference on Designing Safety. I am more convinced about data security as a topic. It makes sense as part of the move to a mobile web but mostly as an antidote to other streams of argument. I will get back on topic early in July but meanwhile things come up in various connections. I have been browsing today and found a few images to drop in, remind me of text to include.

This is the logo for the current annual research program at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Lancaster. The conference is on July 10 -12.

There is a summer school about discourse analysis 30 June - 5 July. Hope someone blogs about this. I sometimes think the IAS is more interested in discourse than forms of reality. After three projects it could be time to look at trends. I have yet to find any firm conclusions about the knowledge economy as if some policy is required. Meanwhile in mainland Europe, the Commission is still on the case. Lots of rhetoric of course but worth following.

I am a fan of Psand and Bristol Wireless. They have demonstrated satellite and wifi over a few years. Not sure what will happen over this summer but there is enough of an archive to make a case for how real cultural events can be enhanced. This van is from a set of photos from Extremadura, a region where Open Source is supported. The links are no longer that reliable but here are one, two and three. The EU website has a relevant story. The Riga Document had something to do with the Global Cities project but I cannot remember the detail. The point is that as I remember it there was a discussion about regional identity in terms of aligning with technology, especially open source. Regional identity was the second project, after the knowledge economy and before the new sciences of protection.

My next trip is to the drupa, small "d" but enormous space, the largest print show on the planet. I think that disruption may be obvious this time. As far as I know there is no Apple stand, a bad sign for the future of the printing industry. Maybe everyone is supposed to have a phone with podcasts rather than flat pages. Have you noticed that all the universities on iTunes are in the USA? Swizz or what?

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