Thursday, May 22, 2008

Couple of graphics saved from yesterday. The drupa event will be about print in the context of the internet. I have done a couple of stories for OhmyNews about the change in name for the London College of Communications, Print as was. I don't think I can do another one later this year. Something has changed. I have put a topic on Guardian Talk as well as the drupa2008 blog about the apparent lack of an Apple stand at drupa. That was yesterday but so far nobody has commented that this is incorrect. So I am assuming it is so and that Apple research shows that tunes are the future.

Passing through Brussels on the way is a chance to catch up on what is happening with policy ideas. Previously there was a proposal for eTEN, around the possibilities with PDF. At the moment there is still mystery about MARS, the probable future of PDF as "XML friendly", even more friendly than currently. As Apple and Adobe move on to video and animation, the technology around text and flat documents could become commoditised. "Critique" could include reassembling documents from many sources. This ideas is worth returning to but probably won't meet project criteria.

Co-ops relate to participation. Web browsing shows that the dotcoop promotion seems to be at Co-operatives Europe. I intend to update the ITC swicki to include dotcoop but as it appears Eurekster is offline at the moment. So more on this later.

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