Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back in Exeter. seem to have been in Lancaster a while.

Written for OhmyNews about buildings and open space in Morecambe.

I didn't mention the buildings on the campus as they were not part of the schedule. 76 Church Street is currently in use for a mobile computer operation. Lots of personal computers on a network. Seems to work ok even in a Jacobean / Georgian context. So why is trhe university showing off InfoLab? For 40 years or so most of the buildings were hidden from the motorway. In the discussion on the KBE there was not much discussion on technology as such. What sort of equipment is inside the building? an IBM mainframe? Some sort of cooling device for a hot chip? Maybe they could have used an old building instead. Is the shape just rhetoric in another form?

viewed from Galgate

official photo

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