Monday, December 12, 2011

The Wild Show on Phonic FM has occasional space for some conversation. It is mostly a music show. Actually the music is the main point. But I can slip things in, having worked my way up from a guest on the New Exeter Radio Show, a fairly dangerous space but that is another story.

So there may be a new spot , the eleventh hour, that covers aspects of technology. Is it the eleventh hour for live radio? that sort of thing.

I missed the last couple of weeks but have sent in email etc. and met offline last Wednesday. Here is a YouTube clip based on photos and the sound from last week.

The clip explaining the eleventh hour as "the time when Exeter connects the cloud and coffee" is from me via Chris Norton iPhone to Soundcloud from Cafe 55 on Northernhay Street. Edited into a jingle by JD somewhere in Devon. Photos from Exeter cathedral yard and St Pauls both actual and in Twinity.

Universities and conferences could benefit from virtual worlds linked to actual space. It extends the access possible without reducing the value of actual face to face.  Also connections are maybe easier. In Twinity it takes maybe half an hour to walk from the CQI near Chancery Lane to the Work Foundation near Victoria. The Tent City University and Exeter Cathedral are good venues because daylight helps the camera.

The eleventh hour on the Wild Show will return to the university library. The university bookshop is under threat as of April 2012.

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