Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A3 learning could be an academic aspect to work with around social media. I still think something is missing from the #likeminds approach. Through Twitter I found the Steve Wheeler blog again a couple of days ago. Probably through cloudworks at some point but i can no longer find the tweet. Steve writes about a "moving experience", remembered as if a Martini slogan -'anytime, anyplace, anywhere, there's a wonderful world you can share'. Thing is that anywhere and any place are more or less the same. To arrive at A3 we may need "any device" ( part of a sometime Adobe slogan I think )but the idea may be much the same.

The trouble is that time and space shift quite rapidly once the web is engaged. It is not just a resource arriving into your current situation. Steve links his own previous paper on a "martini model" from a decade previously in Berlin and a story about Dan Caldeway in a PDF. This is a journal extract but confesses to be partly fiction.

"Any device" could mean in any style or length. A tweet or a paper, video clip perhaps or reconstruction. The availability of learning resources is an aspect of social communication. More links will turn up to established sources.

I try to find the core process or script in a situation. The rest of it can vary and it is easy to get lost. On Facebook for example people in Exeter have to accept that we live in Plymouth.

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