Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am thinking about the Experimentality conference and my paper on PDSA. It is turning more into social media / journalism. Links to bits and pieces. Not sure that is a bad thing. there could be a paper version later. The conference is not till July. Meanwhile the next month is around IPEX. I am going to concentrate on this as I think the print industry is changing quite rapidly as part of communication. It has to relate to social media.

The "Tales of Things" site is still a puzzle. Not quite sure what to do with it. I have found a Banksy example, a barcode on a Camden wall that links to Youtube of how it was before Camden Council removed it. So these "things" can be from previously. they just have to have a tale linked in and a photo to base it on. I will try to formulate a better guide to how sites could link together as a script. It turns out the agenda is crowded already so a walk may need to be just a guide, not expected in real time.

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