Saturday, November 21, 2009

Still thinking about the Experimentality events. Not sure how to relate this to plan-do-etc. There was reference to the "dark side of mode 2" so this is something to work with. Have found this link to a Gryzedale blog. Apparently the forest is quite hard to find so online may work better.

Tipping a wink and a nod to Derrida's book 'Spectres of Marx' (in my hazy left-wing mind his finest work), Mr Gere asserts that Big JR haunts us still, like a spectre of the undead, reminding us that ethics is at the heart of any re-assessment of what art actually is and can do.

Posted by John Byrne on 09/11/09 at 06:25

One interesting aspect is the evidence that video interview is possible in apparently normalspace for academics. Not sure if there was special lighting. I did a lot of videoduring the two days somore on this later.

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