Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OhmyNews has my unedited story on Mendeley. Something else may work just as well but the trend is there for references and some content to be shared online in a similar way to what is happening with music.

Assuming Mendeley continues to do well there could be interesting discussion at Online Information in December. I will try for another story in November. Academics will have to think about something that effects them so directly. Previously from journal articles there appears not to be so much disruption.

focus on the absence of demonstrable disruptive effects tends to obscure the fact that more or less unobtrusive changes occurring over time do add up to an effect that eventually may well lead beyond simple augmentation of conventional practices.

However there was atwo year gap between the conference and the publication.

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Mr. Gunn said...

That's a very interesting article on Mendeley. Indeed, things are moving very fast in the world of academic collaboration. Whereas once publishers were considered essential to the dissemination of information, now their slow pace is, in some cases, obstructive to that end. They still provide a very valuable service, but I agree that they will have to adapt to continue to serve the role they once did.

Thanks again for the thought-provoking article and if you have any questions about Mendeley, feel free to get in touch.