Wednesday, April 01, 2009

An email from Lancaster university suggests i would be interested in a new course on Leadership for Sustainability. Previously I have tried to link in ideas about quality systems but I don't think i have time for more study at the moment. More like blog and twitter level seems to be the case. But sustainability is definitely an issue. I attend meetings of the Deming SIG of the CQI where work is advanced on a document about a model of a sustainable organisation. "Sustainable" for the Chartered Quality Institute includes the idea that the organisation in question survives itself. My guess is that for academics the environment would be more of a priority. not sure about this but something to look out for as the course continues.

I have loaded the flier PDF to Scribd.

Leadership for Sustainability MA at Lancaster

It turns out that Lancaster is using social media much more than I realised. The code for the video at the bottom of the course page is dodgy and a Google search only finds Twitter to lead straight back to it.

However Google Video finds probably the video intended.

Over half an hour, no wonder it is not on YouTube. Attention span test before starting the study.

Later, more on learning organisations and ISO standards.

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