Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is the last weekend for LifeBytes, web resource in Exeter. There are places to eat that also have web access but it seems the era of the dedicated web retailer is coming to an end. Maybe it means that mobile devices are now good enough.

For me the downside includes probably not visiting Twinity for a while. At home my PC is full of junk and Twinity fails to install. Also the bandwidth is not that good. At LifeBytes they delete almost everything quite often and a new download of Twinity usually works ok.

So here are some stills with the essential point for the moment. I may have time to save some more in the next few days. If it was a video the plot outline would be to start with some tech vision in the Sony Centre

Then teleport to Brandenburger Tor, then follow Unter den Linden to the square near entrance to Humboldt. Discussion around the learning claims of the technology. Whatever energy survives spreads to cafes and apartments at the end of the day.

Basic structure of conversation much the same in other locations. The characters from Second Life are gradually getting spaces on Twinity.

Video from the spaces-

Kings Cross


Earl's Court

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