Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Twinity Berlin is so complicated I have bought an actual map. So Waterstones need not fear about the consequences of online worlds.

I still cannot get it to work at home. But at Life Bytes all is well. They must look after the equipment more carefully. My PC is full of clutter and there is almost no spare disc space. Still, I am finding real photos to cut and paste so exploring Berlin can continue.

The idea at Lancaster campus is to start from a techno base such as InfoLab 21, take the ideas through critique, and try to reach city society. Something similar could happen in most cities or campuses and as my friend Jo says, it could all be edited together subject to budget. So far in Berlin a chatshow walking journey could start at the railway station Alexanderplatz, (see previous post for teleport to Alexander Square). Then to the Sony Centre for inspiration and Humoldt for critique or whatever would be said. Back to catch a train unless an apartment can be afforded.

The avatar this time is Stephen Ingram, previously found in Second Life near the Apple Store in Exeter. He is the most experimental shopping orientated avatar on the staff of Rougemont Global Broadcasting. Others may travel to Twinity Berlin later.

Uncropped versions of these photos are on Flick- Sony Centre Humboldt

Originals from Wikimedia Sony Humboldt

Meanwhile exchange of text could be the way to develop content. I am still collecting backgrounds and photos of chairs for conversations. The TV prog can be created later.

My avatar near the Twinity reception. Could meet you there sometime but need notice so i can get to Life Bytes first.

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