Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I have put another comment on the Guardian Talk pages about quality in education. This week the education section had a comment about the "million+" group of UK universities promoting the case for creative industries. It strikes me as refreshing that they actually wantr to become involved in something. I find the "research" universities are usually distanced by critique conventions.

I plan to look at the Sony Reader and ePub format for similar devices. I don't see why this should not be a project supported by academics who want to reach a wider audience for whatever reason, but including public advocacy and comment. Not much response so far on the Critical Management site on the issues areound Web 2. I think this may be partly a result of the design. Guardian Talk has not got much clutter so maybe there will be more there.

The video on the Millions+ site is not very engaging. Sort of brochureware like a very early website. Much of what is on youTube invites response and has a place for comment. So far a lot of university marketing through online video seems to have missed out this aspect. Still at least the Millions+ take includes web design as something to discuss.

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