Thursday, August 14, 2008

I don't think there is much on the web yet following the worshop on Web 2 at the Academy of Management. Tried Technorati and Google blogsearch. Nothing yet I can find. Meanwhile the editors of OhmyNews have accepted most of my story about Sidmouth Folk Week and the term "blended networking", combining online and normal space. I guess there will be more content on the criticalmanagement site at some point as combining events and online is part of Web 2 as far as I understand it.

I have also done a blog about folk for wifiExeter that works ok as a YouTube set of links around an actual place. I have been trying to do this with central Exeter as retail and Lancaster campus as academic. The Sidmouth one works better as the content is just music. The others need statements of opinion or interviews.

Content I have found from the criticalmanagement site includes a thesis from Todd Bridgeman about UK Research Led Business Schools. I have not read all of it but there is some interesting material here. My impression is that the articulations of a business school can coexist as they are projected for different audiences. "Vocational / professional school" and "Commercial enterprise" for potential students and funding sources ; "Academic department" for other academics. Critique is intended mostly for other academics apparently, the public role still faces issues around access and finding language that can be widely understood. Hey, this is just a blog. Could be wrong here and comment is welcome.

Maybe something will turn up on YouTube. Searching on "Lancaster University" the first result from Lancaster Management is about employment and careers. Nothing wrong with that but I hope to find somewhere a statement of a critique point of view about quality so I could add a comment and disagree. Maybe such content would be regarded as a potential publication so too valuable to put on YouTube. My guess is this may change soon for all sorts of academic output.

Meanwhile I will probably do more with text. Video is more difficult than first appears.

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