Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Now back in Exeter after a trip to drupa and short stay in Brussels on the way. My impression is that the web and print are now well connected so much has happened along the lines that were discussed previously. I first went to Brussels when working for a co-op organisation funded by the Greater London council at the time of the IBM PC. Quite a long time ago.

Anyway, trying to stay on immediate topics-

Adobe were at drupa but I think that quite quickly they will be seen to be concentrating on Flash and the web. See my story for OhmyNews.

This will have a major implication for print, publishing and quality documents where the scope of quality documents includes most corporate content. I complain about the Adobe rush towards video and the lack of explanation for longterm flat page fans, but they probably have their timing about right for what is happening online. Video is widely used whatever university librarians think about it.

So one project fairly soon is to talk to the Chartered Quality Institute and the Institute of Printing, Paper and Publishing and find out how they respond to the new factors. Developments could be seen through theory about media or quality systems or both. There is a meeting of the CQI Deming SIG later this week where this will be off topic but I will try to get some guidance.

Another concern is to find out about data security - ISO 27000. I am fairly confident in talking about the PDSA cycle but need to know more about it. See previous posts. The conference in Lancaster is getting closer.

What I hope to do is relate PDSA to the MIT Framework for Distributed Leadership. There is a PDF about this. Leadership as Visioning-Relating-Inventing-Sensemaking may be related to PDSA but starts in a different place. Any guidance welcome.

I am feeling ok about going off topic as far as the conference is concerned. Critical Discourse Analysis seems to be about critique so most of the conference may not start from the idea that danger is real. A claim that assurance sometimes reduces variation and that leadership is part of this may seem simple but could be interesting if only as balance.

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