Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am working on the drupa2008 blog for the next week or so and plan to be there on Tuesday and Wednesday. What strikes me so far is that Apple are not there and Adobe are only just engaged with it. They hace a press release out about the PDF Print Engine but the website is still about Flash, AIR, the Web. Thing is, they could have a point. iTunes and mobile devices, that is the way to go. Meanwhile print is not that soundly based.

It has taken a while for me to come to terms with this. I still think Adobe should do more to explain what is possible with PDF. There could be a file format rewrite in XML but almost nothing is known about this compared to the developer buzz investment around AIR.

Other than trying to link my blogs together when possible, there are a couple of points relating to learning. Education and printing industry have been linked for a few hundred years. Gradually the authority of print is fading away, at least in comparison to other media. There will still be a range of media in use but there is something to consider here. Also there are few models as yet about how the new software affordances can be used. Adobe and others are making things possible but there is no fixed approach as yet. Most of what exists is a form of entertainment so far. It needs to be interpreted for organisations and education.

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