Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have done a revised version of the proposal for the Protection conference.

Search results, data security, and integrated management

Secure data is valued as an input for any process so is often within the scope of management concern. Web search can be a source for documents, probably with a wider range than an academic library. The paper considers the possibility that danger can be real.

Standards for data security such as ISO27000 can be audited and reviewed together with other aspects of a management system. Comparisons can be made with studies on quality policies. Academics have concentrated on “quality” as a discourse. Wilmott and Wilkinson1 describe the word as having “no meaning”.

Even if the management procedures described in standards are seen as an imaginary there is still a question as to how organisations learn or otherwise change behaviour over time. As with the latest revision of ISO9000, ISO 27000 refers to the PDCA learning cycle and work by Deming. This can be seen as an approach to design.

One area to concentrate on is security around mobile communications. There is currently a trend for material promoting security software to present social networking as a danger. How to balance this with the benefits of web access will be considered taking an internet cafe as a case study. A PayPal account was compromised during 2007, evidence that danger can be real.

The style of presentation is intended to be as close to a workshop as possible. The paper could be combines with others in a session.

The presentation will conclude by looking at Swickis, search engines using a social approach associated with Wikis. Currently there are two shown on a related blog, one for "learning with ISO 9000", one for sciences of protection.

It is concentrating on data security. I think I will understand enough about 27000 by then. It would still be good if other people could be there. Not sure the blog approach can be extended to a conference presentation where the speaker is missing some basic information but it is worth a try.

I have dropped the reference to film scripts. there is a film evening during the conference but this seems to be a different mode to the papers.

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