Monday, November 26, 2007

ISO publishes survey for 2006.

I have tried to do a story on this for OhmyNews. I am not sure who reads OhmyNews. It could be anyone in English speaking countries but I think it is people near Korea who want to expand on use of English. So the China and Japan aspects of the recent survey could be interesting for them.

I tried before with a story about the 2005 survey. The editors found it too hard to follow for a general audience and I could not work out how to explain it better. For the 2006 survey I have tried to stick more to hard facts and leave the opinions and speculation for later.

There could be several stories from different points of view. In the UK ISO9000 is clearly in decline and there are people who claim this is a good thing. But on a global basis it is still growing and the sector specific standards have a base in at least one major country. To establish how the basic management approach supports learning only requires a few case studies that can be followed.

More later when I hear from the editors. The survey free version itself is a PDF.

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