Monday, October 29, 2007

There is a new website following up a meeting on Changing Forms of Organisation.

It includes most of the presentations as PDF, mp3s of the talk and selected video. I did try to get there but it was fully booked. I think the website offers a fair view on what probably happened. Quality issues are part of the discussion. Leadership is seen in the context of organisation.

My guess so far is that the main difference between now and when the learning organisation idea was first considered is that the web is assumed to have happened. The talk is about the knowledge economy but I think the web is a major part of this. So IT is not something that is hard to introduce to an organisation if some some review method is supposed to exist. It is just something that has happened and will probably continue.

The site has a blog from John Burgoyne and a discussion forum. Also photos of the wall for starting ideas and post-it notes from the conclusions phase. A document summary is also on the site.

I have suggested a link with the Deming SIG at the Chartered Quality Institute. Terry Rose has given permission for me to load up his recent presentation on Language Processing. Something like this seems to be happening anyway but I think the theory is relevant here and shows where quality ideas can contribute.

One quibble so far. The photo of "the wall" includes a reference to Facebook and MySpace. I think these sort of sites may have more to offer than is sometimes supposed. They may not have a formal theory of learning design but they have just got on with it. Somehow the interface results in a lot of people contributing something. Let us hope the same is true for the Changing Forms of Organisation site.

Maybe I misunderstand what the words in the phot are about. Comment welcome.

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