Monday, October 08, 2007

"Kids are not stupid" claims forum leader.

David Brunnen, forum leader for networked services, part of the communications management association (CMA) has made series of claims in the September issue of Networking.

"Good news that in the sometimes wierd world of Web 2.0, youth-led innovations like Facebook are being translated into new services for business."

But wait. There is more.

"According to sources close to their deadlines , the shock for the media industry is that they've not noticed that kids are not stupid."

So if this is true about building trust in media, it could also be true for education. Start with where the kids are at, and design around it.

On the other hand it would have been nice if the case for socially constructed methods online had been better accepted and resulted in more funding for projects. But it just seems to be so that the example of what is already happening is more persuasive.

One more quibble. It seems to me quite strange how much money some people are prepared to pay on ringtones for mobile phones where the sound quality is not really that good. But there may be very sensible reasons for this that I just don't understand.

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