Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My impression is that the Swicki is working ok. So the idea that there is a link between learning and quality could be valid. I will try out putting that more definitely. Quality systems work as people learn from them or in them, maybe it is more about learning design or the learning is accidental. So I will arrange other blogs and claims as if this is a reasonable assumption for a while.

I have just done a search on "learning quality" in the Learn9 Swicki. The results are ok. I am not surprised that a European project turns up. The continental universities are serious about online learning and using quality ideas as part of this. The concern is quality in support of learning but this is probably as good a context as any to find out about learning within quality, the concern I started out with. Of course "non-learning" and system failure are just as easy to study. There may be more data.

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