Sunday, August 12, 2007

This post is going away from theory and into news but maybe the time is right for this. The Online Information conference in the first week of December is a significant event. With stands for university presses including Oxford and Stanford there is potential interest for academics.

A couple of years ago the keynote speaker was David Weinberger, author of the book "Everything is Miscellaneous". My main interest in this is to at least break down the divisions between learning and quality as academic subjects. Just enough to make some connections.

The news is that this year the keynote will be from Jimmy Wales and cover "Web 2.0" , whatever that turns out to be.

It surprises me that "Everything is Miscellaneous" has not been reviewed by the Guardian. They have covered a book on the "Cult of the Amateur". Maybe this is better suited to the views of proper journalists such as Victor Keegan and Tim Dowling. So far as I know there has not been a review of "Miscellaneous" in Information World Review, although "Amateur" has been together with an interview.

Screenshot of search on Guardian shows that "Miscellaneous" has only been mentioned by Jeff Jarvis, in 2006, before the book existed. So what is the point of a book format? Available from Amazon UK ( special offer includes the Amateur one as well if you are really interested). Is UK review space limited to London publishing? What is going on?

Discussion continues online. Olympia in December is actual space.

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